A Multi-Tenant Contact Center Software

A WebRTC-based multi-tenant Contact Center solution capable of handling large call volumes and additional features on top of the standard contact center solution offerings.
Admin Dashboard - CallCentr8 | Multi Tenant Contact Center

Vital Contact Center Features
that add value to your Contact Center

Agent List - CallCentr8 | Multi Tenant Contact Center

Manage all your contact center operations
from a single tool: CallCentr8


Easy integrations

Using CallCentr8, we can easily deploy or integrate any out-of-the-box 3rd party integrations with all your other critical business tools.

Advanced call distribution Techniques

The tool supports several call distribution techniques, such as round-robin, sequential, time-based, fixed order, etc.
Agent Dashboard - CallCentr8 | Multi Tenant Contact Center
Supervisor Dashboard - CallCentr8 | Multi Tenant Contact Center

Intelligent Monitoring And Reporting

All the reports and metrics are at your fingertips. Super admins can monitor the resource usage between different tenants and manage ACL, Trunk, and DID from dashboard. Tenant admins can monitor the calling performance as well as generate periodic reports. Supervisors get agent status, current call queue status, average call duration, and integral features such as call barge, whisper, or coach on their customizable dashboard.

Real World Application


Technology Foundation of CallCentr8 Software

Web Service
VoIP Framework

CallCentr8 FAQs

1. What is CallCentr8?
  • CallCentr8 is a multi-tenant contact center software designed to empower businesses of all sizes with advanced features for handling large volumes of inbound and outbound calls. It is designed for businesses of all sizes.
2. What are the unique features CallCentr8 offers?
  • CallCentr8 has ACL, multiple dialer support (Auto, Progressive, and Manual), advanced dashboard and reporting capabilities, ACD, Web-based softphone, voicemail support, essential call center call management features such as a barge, whisper, and coach, and many more.
3. Does CallCentr8 offer auto-calling functionality?
  • Absolutely! CallCentr8 offers an auto dialer feature that allows agents to automate the calling process.
4. CallCentr8 can be integrated with any CRM?
  • Yes, CallCentr8 can be integrated with any CRM upon client request. However, this will require additional customization and development work.
5. Does CallCentr8 offer redundancy?
  • CallCentr8 prioritizes uptime with a failover mechanism to ensure uninterrupted service in case of technical issues.  For high availability, you can purchase additional licenses deployed in separate data centers. This ensures seamless service even if one data center experiences an outage.
6. Is there any limitation on extensions and agents?
  • No, CallCentr8 offers scalability to accommodate your growing business. You can create a number of extensions and agents,  with the primary limitation being the capacity of your hardware infrastructure.
7. How many inbound and outbound calls can I handle in CallCentr8?

CallCentr8 is designed to handle large volumes of inbound and outbound calls, However, the capacity of the CallCentr8 mainly depends on your server setup and architecture.

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